Welcome! For many years now I have had a keen interest in conservation and
developing an understanding of a variety of different animal species, but a special
interest particularly in reptiles.

The wonder and enchantment I have experienced through my interactions with
these fascinating creatures, has evoked a desire to teach others the importance
to sustain, respect and protect these valuable animals.

My hopes are for adults and children alike to have the opportunity to experience
some of our wonderful native animals in a safe and respectful manner. To build
connections and to discover a real hands on approach to learning, breaking down
barriers, experiencing new things, respect and understanding. Not only for these
animals but also for each other.

Our focus is to raise awareness, to encourage people to research a new addition
to the family before impulse purchasing, whether is has scales, fur or feathers
and why it is never okay to take any animal from the wild.

My passionate team are ready to give you a hands on experience you’ll cherish
for a lifetime. Guaranteed to put smiles on faces!

Please take some time to browse my site and get in touch with any questions.

Warm regards, Nadia.

  • Police Check
  • DSCI Clearance
  • Catholic School Clearance
  • First Aid Certificate
  • License to display wildlife
  • License to catch & relocate wildlife